My name is Dustin Hall…

…and I am the author behind the pages of “Waking the Beast” and several other titles soon to be released. I was born in Long Beach, California, raised in Detroit, Michigan and now call Arizona home.  I am the oldest of eight children in a large family that consisted of five brothers and two sisters. Over the years, we have all been close and you will get to meet them  all on the pages of my work. However, the names and faces have been changed to protect the guilty.

Coming from this energetic and chaotic family, I needed a way to escape and occupy my mind at times growing up. I spent over twenty years writing books in my spare time and I did it the old fashioned way, with pen and paper, (yeah, people still do that). That was the slow birth of “Waking the Beast”.

I spent the next few years struggling with an older PC my family had allocated me. With almost no computer skills, I began to hunt and peck my way to a completed novel learning as I went. I only lost months worth of work on a few separate occasions as I slowly began to win the fight with a machine that was inherently smarter then me.

In 2002, my first finished work was finally ready to be sent off to the copyright office and I thought I was on my way. I spent thousands of dollars over the next few years chasing my tail as I sent off query letters and sample chapters with hopes of securing an agent. Simple fact is, I was an unknown and I started to realize that writing the books was the easy part. It seemed that I couldn’t get an agent to take me on unless I had a publisher willing to purchase the work, but I couldn’t get a publisher to even look at it unless I had an agents representation. That was a frustrating, expensive, no win situation, let me tell you.

After spending the money I did not have, I gave up on my dream of traditional publishing deals and started to look into doing it myself. This is when I started Detroit Publishing Company, with Desert Valley Marketing and D Hall Books LLC following in the years to come. In my search for a company that would actually do the physical printing of the finished product, I almost fell victim to a few dozen of the P.O.D. (print on demand) companies that seem to have clogged the Internet search engines waiting to prey on artists dreams, while relentlessly attacking their wallets.

Managing to fight my way through the onslaught of companies trying to own the rights to my work for free, while acquiring a permanent stake in my bank account, I was once again disappointed. Avoiding that disaster, I sadly discovered that I needed to purchase at least 10,000 copies of my novel to get them at a price where it would be profitable to try reselling them on my own. That created a few problems in itself, of course money was the main obstacle. Realistically though, where would I have kept all of those books, with no way to get them into the stores or to create a marketing campaign for that many books.

Enter the digital age of Amazon! After this fifteen year ordeal, I’ve finally found a cost effective way of getting my stories out to readers that will actually enjoy what I write. Through this crazy maze we call life, I seemed to have finally found a way that makes it possible to get my name out there and to let people know what I bring to the table as far as talent. I truly hope you enjoy “Waking the Beast” and I invite you to bookmark my website where you will soon find future titles.


Dustin Hall