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Waking the Beast Book Cover

Coming out of nowhere with his debut release. This novel will keep you eagerly burning through the pages as the story unfolds. Shocking plot twists, drama, action and suspense bring this novel to life as the boundaries of fact and fiction draw closer together in this horrid tale.

“A gripping novel by Detroit’s hottest New Author.”

In the midst of W.W.II a small town in Southern California would experience something horrible which would later grow into a morbid legend. Tragically, a series of disappearances would end just as abruptly as they began. Left in the aftermath, seventeen people vanished without a trace. The disappearances stumped authorities and the community was left furious. With no one ever able to figure out exactly what happened during that short period of three weeks, the towns morale was devastated.

As time heals all wounds, the pain was forgotten, allowing the townsfolk to resume living in the peace and tranquility they craved throughout the community. This unresolved tale became something of a twisted legend that no one enjoyed talking about, as it was told and retold over the years. The communities past would come back to haunt them as two sets of brothers would discover the facts of the towns darkest secret.

As luck or misfortune would have it, the four young teenage boys would locate the mysterious cabin that had remained illusive for fifty years. They weren’t even sure that this place existed, so when they came to accept the possibility that it did, they were compelled to satisfy their own curiosity. During their investigation of this abandoned cabin, they will encounter an unfortunate mishap that will initiate the start of something beyond their control. With only one drop of fresh blood on an ancient tablet all of their worst fears suddenly become reality.

Three of the boys will risk life and limb as they try to redeem their kidnapped friend from a hostile, conniving spirit they accidentally released. Under the assumption they were doing the right thing, they are tricked into a deal that promises the return of their friend. Naively, doing what the creature asks, they begin to assemble an ancient artifact which will unlock a gateway that holds all creatures of the dark underworld in confinement. With every stage they complete, this beast becomes more powerful. Slowly, it becomes a living entity that has to be dealt with in the realm of our reality. Their own life would possibly be the price they pay for “Waking the Beast.”

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